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Aerial Silk

What is Aerial Silk?

Silk is a flexible fabric made of durable material hanging from the ceiling in two parts. Climbing, footlocks and rolling elements create beautiful aerial acrobatics. Just as acrobatics on a hoop strengthens the whole body, improves flexibility, posture and grace of movement. It’s a great challenge!

Where did Aerial Silks originate?

Aerial Silk is the latest type of aerial acrobatics and was created in France in 1995. It was invented by André Simard, a new acrobatic art researcher who worked for Cirque du Soleil.

Aerial Silk for beginners

The Aerial Silk classes are divided into Intro, Level 1, Level 2 levels.

INTRO TO AERIAL - complete beginners without previous experience. We practice the basic moves of silk and hoop in the class

LEVEL 1 (L1) - the instructor determines when the student is ready to attend L1 classes, especially after mastering the following elements:

  • Russian Climb
  • Single Footlock from the ground
  • Double Footlock from the ground
  • Single knot moves
Aerial Silk

Aerial Silk for intermediate

LEVEL 2 (L2) - the instructor determines when the student is ready to attend L2 class, especially after mastering the following moves and their combinations with L1 moves:

  • Russian Climb
  • Single Footlock up (in the air)
  • Double Footlock up (in the air)
  • Single leg foot wrap
  • Double leg foot wrap
  • Invert down (from the ground)
  • Invert up (in the air)
  • Hip key

Aerial Silk poses names

Since aerial silk is a relatively new sporting discipline that is constantly evolving. Aerial Silk poses names may vary depending on where the aerial instructor has learned.

What to wear to aerial silk class?

Best clothes for Aerial Silk class are: long highwaisted leggins but beware of the material (some materials, especially shiny lycra slip over the silk), f.e. cotton, polyamide are good. Also a suitable sports bra and a tight-fitting T-shirt or leotard is recommended. Wear socks or gymnastic shoes for warm up, silks we practice barefoot.

Aerial Silk