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Frequently Asked Questions

The class "Intro to Aerial" is designed to teach you the basics of Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop. How many hours you have to complete to move to the next level will be assessed individually by the instructor.

Sure, everyone has to start somewhere. Intro to Aerial classes alone will help you to gain muscles and improve flexibility. A great addition to them are classes especially focused on strength and flexibility - Aerial Fitness and Flexi Yoga.

For those who already have experience with aerial acrobatics, we recommend joining L1 (level 1) or L2 (level 2) classes. For more information about levels, click on pages Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silk.

In general, we recommend long highwaisted leggins and a tight-fitting T-shirt or leotard. No shoes are required, socks are enough. We practice barefoot. Also, do not forget a towel and bottle of water to stay hydrated. However, if you forget any of these, we can loan you :)

We start the class with a fast warm-up, dynamic stretching and core exercises. This section is important to prepare the body for the training and to prevent injuries. Than the class continues with practicing of aerial moves. At first the instructor shows a demonstration of the move and then helps clients to get into the position. The lesson ends by stretching and releasing the individual strained parts of the body.

You can find the maximum capacity of the class in the details of each class in the schedule. We have 4 hanging points and the clients are divided into pairs. Each person of a pair alternates on one hoop/silk. They can help each other and save energy for the next move. At the Aerial Fitness, Flexi Yoga and other classes we practice individually.

Select the appropriate date in the schedule and click on RESERVE. However, you must be logged in and have enough credits to make a reservation.

You can find all the information on the Reservations and credits page.

The studio is located in Bratislava, Nové Mesto. The street is Hattalova 12/A and you can find the studio on the first floor (to the left).

If it is possible, try to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. You will avoid the traffic stress and prepare for the class in piece.

Yes. There is a large free parking space directly in the front of the building with many parking spots.

The nearest public transport stops are Mlada Garda (trams No. 1, 3, 7), Zatisi (tram No. 4, bus No. 51) and Halkova (buses No. 98, 50).

If we didn't answer your question please do not hesitate to - contact us.