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Intro to Aerial course

The classes Intro to Aerial are structured for total beginners.

No prior experience or physical fitness required.

You will learn the basics of aerial silk and hoop. The classes will also help you gain strength and improve flexibility.

There are 5 dates available per week. In the schedule you can find the classes as Silk Intro and Hoop Intro

It's an ongoing course, so you can join us anytime. The instructor will individually assess how many classes of Intro to Aerial course are required to move to the Silk / Hoop Medium class. But the minimum is 8 classes from both.

2 months
100 €
  • 10 classes
  • 40 dates available
  • basics of Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silk
  • satisfaction guarantee
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1 month
50 €
  • 4 classes
  • 20 dates available
  • basics of Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silk
  • satisfaction guarantee
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What do the graduates say about the course?

Sofia, 26 years old
Intro to aerial course is the best and I can't praise it enough! Instructor Janka leads the course in an amazing playful way, with a very individual approach to everyone. The class always goes so quickly for me. It's so much fun you don't even realize you are exercising until your muscles are sore the next day :) And the feeling when you can do something what you couldn't imagine few trainings earlier is undescribable 🥰
Zuzka, 50 years old
I tried the intro course because I wanted to try something other than going to fitness and running on a treadmill. After the first class of the intro course, I knew that's what I want to do. Exercises have given me more courage to practice acrobatic stuff. The main benefit for me is strengthening the body and better flexibility. After each workout, I feel like I'm one step further and more flexible.
Nela and Linda, 17 years old
At the Intro course we learned the basics such as footlock and climbing. From such a small amount of skills, with the help of an amazing trainer and a pleasant atmosphere, we managed to achieve beautiful, simple positions that we could immediately praise our friends.
Lucka, 24 years old
What did I learn at Intro to Aerial? Intro to Aerial gave me an appetite for exercise in addition to the obvious basics of Aerial SILK and Aerial HOOP. Aerial acrobatics helps me to improve the grace of movement and at the same time it has become fun for me.
Zuzka, 35 years old
Intro to aerial course gave me the opportunity to fly :) For me it is a combination of motion grace and acrobatics. I can completely turn my head off and thanks to the amazing instructor Janey I feel progress from class to class. I look forward to further results of her work :)
Petra, 34 years old
Intro to aerial was a great start to the world of aerial acrobatics, where we learned the basic tricks and tried what it's like to hang in the air. The individual approach of the instructor is great. 🙂

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